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Water Levels Drop at Kerr Lake

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
KerrLake Parkwatch

Campers who swim or boat have noticed the lower level of Kerr Lake, which could presently be dubbed, "Mucky Shores" due to a decline in upstream rainfall.

"Having actually been camping on the shores of Kerr, we've seen it all," says Kerr Lake Park Watch's Frank Timberlake. "At 297+ feet above sea kevel and nearly 3 feet below guide curve, two weeks ago we were in a mucky situation, that has worsened, with a level of about 296.5 feet. I feel sure that a lack of rainfall and the anticipation of hurricanes has contributed to the current lousy situation. But understand, there's no bad management by the US Army Corps of Engineers that we can see, just bad luck.

Since he's in the field Timberlake who is known to many in the parks has had tons if complaints from swimmers, campers and some boaters. "I tell them that I can't make it rain," adds Timberlake.

Right now, unless the upstream Roanoke River Basin gets some rainfall or a tropical system, fall camping at Kerr Lake involving the water looks dismally dry.