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Kerr Lake Parks to Get $3.75 Million

Sunday, January 15, 2017
Kerr Lake Guide

Kerr Lake State Park in North Carolina will soon get a $3,750,00 upgrade. Voters approved a bond package in March 2016, called “Connect NC,” that includes the money for the eight access areas around the lake’s shoreline.

The money will be spent by the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation which says it will use the money to offer "..newer and more diverse recreational experience, such as expanded and upgraded campsites, picnic areas, cabins, trails, day-use areas and facilities" and will provide "new and expanded visitor centers, classrooms, auditoriums, exhibits and other learning venues and experiences, and acquiring lands and waters to protect key natural resources for conservation and public use.”

We’ve asked the Parks Division for an idea of what improvements they might have in mind for Kerr Lake and if there is a timetable. We have not yet heard back from them.

At least one organization, Kerr Lake Park Watch, is asking the Division to hold hearings and let the public provide input on what specific improvements are needed. Spokesman Frank Timberlake says the Division is “not famous for seeking public involvement.”