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First gay couple marries in Vance

Henderson Daily Dispatch (Registration Required)

Amanda and Brandi Pope have always talked about getting married. On Saturday, the couple held a legally binding ceremony on Kerr Lake.

Icy Roads, Closed Schools in Lake Area

Kerr Lake Guide

Icy roads, scattered accidents and closed schools greeted residents of the Lake Gaston/Kerr Lake area this morning. The forecast called for a thin glaze of ice and that is what most folks found this morning. Highway crews were able to keep most major arteries open but many secondary roads, subdivision roads and driveways were coated with ice.

Another Big Snowstorm Likely! (Updated)

Lake Gaston Guide

It appears another snowstorm is heading toward the Kerr Lake and Lake Gaston areas. This one should arrive Wednesday evening into Thursday morning. And almost all the forecasters say this one will be significant. There's a Winter Storm Warning in the lake area.